Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thalassotherapy is Good for Post-Cancer Treatment

Conventional cancer therapy, as utilized by our doctors in Canada & the US can take many forms. Two of modern medicine's current 'go to' therapies for treating cancer are high energy 'radiation therapy' known as Radiotherapy & a cocktail of chemicals in pill & liquid form, referred to as Chemotherapy. What's widely known by most cancer patients is that these forms of 'conventional cancer therapy' kill healthy cells along with the cancerous cells too. It's agreed by most doctors that these conventional therapies severely tax an already compromised immune system, so keeping your immune system strong at all times is recommended. So after cancer the therapy is completed, thalassotherapy can help to alleviate pain, inflammation & begin healthy cellular re-generation by:

1. Re-building the immune system.
2. Detoxifying the body from both the chemicals of chemotherapy & the radiation that accumulates and stores within the tissues of the body.
3. Inducing Homeostasis - Balance within the body & mind is most important in healing.
4. Nutritional Support - We all know, 'we are what we eat' and seaweeds provide everything the cells need to regenerate healthily.

Thalassotherapy is a common sense approach for the recovery of your health as it works by strengthening and maintaining the body's immune system. This makes sense, since a strong immune system keeps the body healthy & protects it from disease & getting cancer ever again. Asian cultures, like the Japanese & Koreans eat alot of seaweed daily and coincidentally they also have some of the lowest rates of cancer in the world, as compared with other cultures. Seaweeds in general have everything our bodies require in terms of nutrition and brown kelp in particular is highest in the immune boosting mineral iodine and has a very mild taste. With a wide assortment of other bio-available vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, essential amino acids, omegas & glyconutrients, seaweeds work to alkalize the the blood, while supporting every major system in the body. Trans-dermal absorption of these complete ocean nutrients is accomplished during a Thalassotherapy treatment in a bodywrap, massage, poultice or bath.

Supplementation with iodine is also highly recommended to BOOST & STRENGTHEN the immune system. Since iodine was the 1st mineral classified as ESSENTIAL TO LIFE, most people in Canada & the US are deficient at one level or another. If you're not eating kelp or supplementing with iodine, the chances are VERY HIGH, that you may be iodine deficient. I recommend reading Dr Brownstein's book, 'Iodine, why you need it, why you can't live without it', as it details in case studies the positive effects of iodine supplementation. Since much of our bodily iodine is stored for immune health in our BRAIN, THYROID, BREASTS, OVARIES, PROSTATE, SKIN & MUSCLES, it is ESSENTIAL that we have some. Of the over 4000 patients Dr.Brownstein has tested for iodine deficiency, 95% were deficient at some level. What's also very interesting is that 100% of patients that came to him with cancer were also iodine deficient.


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