Friday, December 17, 2010

Lugols Solution for prevention & treatment of colds & flu

This time of year it's important to stay healthy by making good food choices. A busy schedule doesn't necessarily equate with eating fast food. Choose to eat raw, whole & nutritiously complete foods all year round which helps to keep your immune system strong & protect you against colds & flu.

If you do find yourself with a cold or flu bug this winter season, a great source of healing remedy is found in 5% Lugol's solution. Utilized by doctors since the mid 1800's to treat infections including staphylococcal, colds & flu along with worse conditions such as thyroidism (both hypo & hyper known as goitre), cystic conditions of the breast & ovaries as well as prostatitis in men, PMS, anxiety, mood disorder, sub-optimal hormonal response, alopecia, candida, bladder infections, acne, dermatitis, brittle hair & nails & cold extremities to name a few... There are very few side effects with use, as any excess is excreted in your urine. It's safe for kids too, just use a smaller dosage is all that is required; it will break a fever & allow healing to rapidly increase. You can dispense up to 4X per day when feeling ill.

Treatment dosage is usually doubled when fighting a bug or infection. The doctors from the Iodine Group in the US recommend regular dosages of 12.5mg to 50mg of 5% Lugol's solution. Since each drop of Lugol's at 5% concentration contains about 6.25 mg of iodine, so 8 drops gets you to 50mg. Since Lugol's is caustic by nature, please dissipate on when used directly on the skin as it can burn. Use it

Chicken Soup 'Seaweed style'

Since seaweed is known to be a strong immune booster, scientists feed fucoidan to AIDS patients in Africa as it contains many polysaccharide sugars, including fucose, that is also found in breast milk. Traditional seaweed soup is served post-natally in Korea & is called Miyeok Guk and utilizes brown kelp known as Wakame or Alaria. It is very mild to taste so you can use this as your soup base and add chicken or beef, rice and all your regular vegetables.....mmmmm.

It's also great prevention & very effective for treatment of cancer too. As the iodine induces apoptosis into deformed or cancerous cells in the body, they die just like a normal cell, without the propagation as is seen with untreated cancer cells. Visit for more information.