Sunday, December 19, 2010

Replenishing vital nutrients transdermally lost during pregnancy

Women in Korea are taught at a very young age their biological connection to the ocean - that the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby in mommy's tummy is the same as ocean water.  So during their pregnancy they put seaweed across their bellies to absorb the nutrients that are so important for fetal development.  As the fetal brain requires twice as much iodine for proper brain development as a healthy woman and here in North America most women are 100 to 1000 times deficient in this essential mineral and don't even know it. A baby or person with lower levels of iodine in their body/brain develop a condition called 'Cretinism', which is associated with a lower level of intelligence or IQ. After childbirth it's tradition, even today in Korea, that the mother-in-law makes the new mother seaweed soup called Miyeok Guk. This soup is eaten by the new mother at every meal, 3X day for 100 days to replenish the nutrients lost to the baby during gestation. In North America, most women don't know to replenish nutrients lost during childbirth and therefore develop conditions like thyroidism, eczema, anemia & baby brain. We're lucky to have the best seaweeds in the world here in Canada & the US to use and it's a tradition we're yet to start practicing.

Iodine was the 1st mineral classified as 'essential for life' and yet most health journals, periodicals or books don't even mention it's existence. Especially since iodine was used to treat Goitre (hyperthyroidism) since the 11th century in Traditional Chinese Medicine and by MD's prior to the advent of prescription drugs in medicine in the 50's. Living here in Ontario, known as the Goitre Belt since the 1920's, it's a good place to know this!