Friday, August 6, 2010

Thalassotherapy OR Ocean-therapy; traditional healing therapy

For thousands of years, the ocean has been recognized for it’s healing properties and utilized by cultures situated near the ocean. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, would send his patients to the ocean to soak and walk, absorbing it’s healing nutrients transdermally through our largest organ, our skin and breathing the healing iodine as it’s carried along in the air molecules into our lungs. What a thalassotherapy experience does, is to increase the wellbeing in a person, by allowing the body to be nourished in a cosmic womb of ocean ingredients that promotes healthy development of healthy cells; all the while calming our bodies and moving into a balanced state of homeostasis that is known as mind/body balancing. You experience as sense of calm as your nervous system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system flow with a primordial beat that is echoed by the sense of well being experienced in your mind.
In the mid 1860's in France, the word Thalassotherapy was coined & became a very popularized practice by 'Taking to the Waters', which was experienced by members of many royal families, along with the rich & famous of that era, as they would flock to the ocean to heal. The word thalasso, derived from the Greek, 'ocean-goddess', promotes a healthy balance of ocean healing.

Thalassotherapy has been and continues to be an effective natural therapy from the ocean that balances the chemistry of our 'internal oceans'. It has been over 150 years since Dr. Rene Quinton published his monumental work "Sea Water, organic medium", where he established scientifically the direct relationship and chemical resemblance between ocean water and our own blood plasma. Dr.Quinton opened many clinics in France during his life & treated cholera very successfully in over 25,000 infants & children in Egypt & N.Africa in the early part of the 20th century, all with his special ocean water.