Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Inflammatory Issues

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I was at a spa event in western Ontario last year where I announced I would be offering complimentary organic seaweed hand-treatments for anyone there who would like to partake. The first response I heard was, 'Organic, that's a load of hooey!', from a woman who was covered from head to toe in eczema. Her body was red from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, talk about inflamed. Not being daunted by her organic ridicule, I began to tell her about the benefits of seaweed and the better choice organic foods offered for vitamin and mineral content and absorption. She listened, with a healthy dose of skepticism, as I espoused the healing benefits of seaweeds to her. It wasn't until I took some seaweed and rubbed it onto her inflamed arm, where it turned her skin from a bright pink to flesh tone with just the application of a raw seaweed exfoliant none the less. She looked with amazement as her skin turned to a wonderful normal skin tone, which had been hidden beneath the eczema for over 10 years. Within a few minutes the pink hue from her eczema returned but the pain was reduced and she said it felt better with just that application of seaweed. I told her it would take more than 1 application to reverse her condition, but if she thalassotherapied herself daily, she would see a remarkable improvement within weeks and months. She then confided to me that she had seen every dermatologist and doctor from there to Toronto over the last 10 years and she was told nothing could be done about her eczema. What's fortunate is that seaweed is indigenous to Canada and grown in all 3 of our oceans. Who would have thought that such a simple solution to such a complex problem is growing right in our own backyard.

Thalassotherapy is so good at dealing with chronic or acute inflammation that if you put seaweed on an inflamed area of the body, the first response observed is how redness, heat and swelling, local to the area, is reduced. Calm, calm, calm is what seaweeds & thalassotherapy does to inflammation, first and foremost, whether chronic or acute. Whether inflammation is caused by an acute condition like a burn from the stove or from a chronic condition like heart disease, arthritis, rosacea or psoriasis, the body responds very quickly and rapidly to thalassotherapy treatment. Remember, no one in the world is allergic to the ocean and the ocean only brings healing nutrients to our bodies that have been experienced by cultures for the last 4000 years. Something old is something new again.

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