Saturday, June 4, 2011

Iodine protects you from skin cancer

Our bodies store about 20% of our total iodine supply in our skin. This became most apparent to me last summer while I was enjoying some warming summer rays of sun by the pool for a couple of hours without sunscreen. I wondered why for so many years I had burned & now I wasn't, even after more than 2 hours of exposure. The sun hadn't changed, it was still as hot as ever, so it must have been me. Realizing that I have been supplementing with Lugol's solution for almost 2 years at that point, my whole-body sufficiency was reached & hence my dermis & epidermis contained enough iodine in my cells to produce enough melonin to protect me from UV exposure without sunscreen applied.
Utilized in every cell, every organ & concentrated in our blood-serum levels, iodine helps to keep a strong cellular immunity & proper functioning of skin cells within the body.

'Iodine is detected in every organ and tissue in the body'
~ Dr Guy Abraham

Iodine also helps to keep our cells healthy & clear of disease by working with our lymphatic system to clean out the damaged cells, mutated viruses & providing a mechanism for melanin development, thereby protecting the body from conditions like skin cancer. Melatonin is produced by the body to provide the skin pigmentation & protection from harmful UV rays of the sun. Without iodine being available to be utilized by the cells in the skin, harmful UV rays cannot be completely dissipated by the melanin and inflammation in the form of sun burn or worse skin cancer shows itself. Since most of the population of North America is iodine deficient, this poses a problem for the immune system in the prevention of skin cancer. You can reduce every form of skin cancer by achieving whole-body iodine sufficient and protecting yourself from the inside out from harmful UV rays this summer.