Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nature's Secret to Hormonal Balance

Kelp has been used for thousands of years to aid in balancing hormones in the body. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates would encourage regular activities in or at the oceanside, he would say, ‘nature itself is the best physician’. In Canada we have many varieties of kelp growing in our cold clean Canadian waters this time of year. We have access to some of the best kelp and other seaweeds that are known in the world. We know aloe vera, but that is not indigenous to Canada, whereas kelp is full of healing alginate which is even better to soothe a burn. As well, alginate is even utilized in a processed form on bandages in hospital burn units.
In Korea, it's tradition for new mothers to eat kelp soup 3X/day for 100 days. This ancient practice is used to replenish their bodies with the ocean minerals that are in perfect chemistry with our blood and in a bioavailable form. Kelp is high in most vitamins and minerals which offer a synergistic balance, as well as many unique healing compounds that are abundant in brown kelps like Wakame/Alaria, Kombu or Macrocystis. This ancient practice replenishes the new mothers own supply of vitamins and minerals, which were depleted by the baby during gestation and continue during breastfeeding. Since many of these vitamins and minerals are depleted from our food supply with modern farming practices, kelp provides them for us in high concentrations and in perfect balance. Postpartum depression can be avoided since the kelp is also very high in phytohormones which are perfectly matched to our hormonal receptor cells. Allowing new mothers the ability to quickly rebalance and to feel more energy sooner, kelp boosts the metabolism while supporting healthy cellular regeneration.

Hormonal replenishment with kelp is more effective when accomplished transdermally as well. The absorption of nutrients directly into the bloodstream through the skin offers the mind body hormonal balancing aspects that are usually not felt in such a fast, deep and relaxing way as when taken as food. Soaking in a kelp bath, walking oceanside while breathing deeply, as well as taking Thalasso-Massage are all good options.