Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Replenishing vital nutrients prevents dis-ease including Osteoporosis

Eighty-three (83) elements in the periodic table that are biologically absorbable & contained in the body, are found in sea water.  Over sixty (60) of these, including many important trace minerals are concentrated in seaweed, specifically in the brown kelps.  These trace elements are minerals which our body cannot produce for itself, but are to be absorbed through our food daily, to help with the many chemical & physiological reactions that take place in the body. Fifteen (15) are classified as “essential” because they act as catalysts and a deficiency of any one can lead to problems & dis-ease, since they work synergistically to balance our metabolism, immune system & cellular functionality.   Iodine was the 1st trace mineral classified as ‘essential for life’.  These minerals can be transdermally absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream in a seaweed bath or wrap.  Minerals are the driving force behind all cellular mechanisms, and as such, are vital for our body.  Since most of the vegetables & fruits these days we consume are grown in soils that are minerally deficient, the majority of the population is not getting optimal amounts & hence the chronic conditions many in North America are experiencing.   The action of all these vitamin & mineral ions naturally restores optimum performance to each cell.  In Korea, women learn the connection between the amniotic fluid that surrounds the growing baby and ocean water.  After child-birth it is tradition for the mother-in-law to prepare seaweed soup, known as 'Mi-yuk Gook' for the new mother who eats this 3X day for 100 days to replenish the nutrients lost during gestation.  Normally prepared with a mild tasting brown kelp known as Alaria or Wakame, it's delicious. 

OSTEOPOROSIS - De-calcification & de-mineralization of the bones is not a problem in primitive cultures who eat a largely indigenous unprocessed diet.  Osteoporosis is a disease of western civilization due to the imbalance of bone minerals not included in our foods.  As minerals are leached out for other body usages, the stability of bony tissue is eroded resulting in easy fracture.  Crumbling limestone is a good example of osteoporosis in the environment and all too common in North America. Doctors around the world who practice in countries near the ocean, like France, Portugal, Spain or Italy, regularly prescribe ocean therapy or walking on the ocean to combat this condition. As it is recognized for what it is, a mineral deficiency of one or more vital minerals.

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