Thursday, January 27, 2011

Iodine is essential for a strong immune system

A strong and complete immune system includes the essential mineral iodine. Iodine is a fat soluble mineral and not very water soluble, the water soluble version of iodine is commonly found in potassium-iodide. Since vitamin C is water soluble many people regularly consume portions in the 2000mg – 6000mg range regularly to combat colds, flu's, infections etc.. Since iodine is fat soluble it's able to stay in the body longer and hence to do it's work as an anti-bacterial, anti-pathogenic extraordinaire. It spends much of it's time absorbed into some of our most important organs including our skin, liver, kidneys, lung tissue, heart, thyroid gland, breasts, ovaries, prostate & brain. These are the more commonly known storehouses for iodine in the body and it's water soluble mate iodide.

With a strong immune system, that is complete in iodine, things like stress or exposure to the sun don't completely break the body down into disease. The strong immune system works like a large cushion to absorb any stresses that are experienced while living life. A strong immune system works like a flexible shield to protect you from harm, in whatever form it shows, bacterial or viral to muscle repair or UV exposure. A strong immune system keeps a body protected & is not complete without the essential mineral iodine.

Iodine's strong pathogenic expertise is apparent in the lymph nodes, where the lymph is collected with all the mutated cells, virus's, bacteria and whatever other garbage it collects to dispose. Without sufficiency in iodine and more particular the iodide needed in the lymph nodes, a reduced immune system response is commonly the result. Which can attribute to lymphedemas, inflammation, longer recovery times, susceptibility to colds & flu's etc. Since the main function of the lymphatic system is detoxification, it also plays a large role in a strong immune system. As the toxins are moved out of our body through our lymphatic system; bacteria, viruses & damaged cells are collected & destroyed by iodide stored in the lymph node. Iodide combines with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) to form elemental iodine, which has broad spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-septic & anti-cancer functionality in the lymph nodes.

When utilizing ocean components like raw seaweeds into a dry treatment room setting, it's quite amazing results that are obtained in regards to inflammation, edemas, detoxification, lymphatics, circulation & more! Since seaweed has 100,000 X the concentrations of over 60 minerals when compared to ocean water, they are a treasure storehouse of goodness. Most brown seaweeds are high in healing iodine & contain every vitamin, many polysaccharides and glucosides, all our essential amino-acids with many non-essential as well, that are absorbed directly into our bloodstream through our skin. And since our skin absorbs up to 70% or more of what we put next to it, it's important to understand why this works so well with seaweed. In 1905 Dr. Rene Quinton of France proved the chemistry similarities of our blood to that of ocean water. And in his day successfully treated alopecia, eczema, psoriasis, dyspepsia and even cholera very successfully. Most of the therapists & physicians of that day understood the importance & long history of Ocean-Therapy as it was Hippocrates who said, 'Go to the ocean to heal'. It was coined Thalassotherapy during the mid 1860's when the Royal families along with the rich & famous of the day would travel to France to 'take to the water's' as it became known and is still practiced today around the world. Many physicians in Spain, France or Portugal still today recommend Thalassotherapy for conditions like arthritis, as it's recognized as a mineral deficiency and what better source for minerals than the ocean.

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