Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cystic conditions of the Breast

Seems that most women these days are experiencing cystic conditions of breast and or ovaries. A painful monthly or everyday condition that occurs known as Fibrocystic Breast Disease. In today's blog I will speak of cystic breasts, but please understand there is a direct relation to cystic conditions of ovaries as well as it relates to iodine deficiencies, to be discussed another day.
Medical doctors seem to concur that these excessive amounts of cell reproduction that cause these lumpy painful tissues to occur are from hormone stimulation during the monthly cycle. Since there is an excess of cells produced each month during the menstruation cycle, some of these cells need to be removed to restore cellular balance in the breast and that's what iodine does. Iodine produces the trigger mechanism to remove the excess cells in a normal process of cell death called apoptosis. Without sufficient levels of iodine in the body to kill of these excess cells naturally, what happens is a build up of abnormal cells that cause the lumps & soreness and hence, Fibrocystic Breast Disease is born. With enough iodine in the body, the excess cells that are generated each month are able to be cleared away naturally. That is probably why nature has designed the breast to store iodine for it's health, along with the brain, thyroid, ovaries, for use in 'taking out the garbage' or excessive cells generated during high hormonal generation each month. The recommended daily allowance or RDA of iodine is 150micrograms, which has been shown clinically to be about 100 to 1000 times less than what is actually required. Dr. Brownstein ( and associates regularly use 50mg day of Iodoral or Lugol's solution to obtain these required amounts. When starting with iodine supplementation it is recommended that you start small with a few milligrams/day & seek professional advise as other vitamin and mineral requirements such as higher doses of Vitamin C (3000mg), B2(100mg), B3(500mg) and selenium are required for re-absorption. Since Lugol's solution is caustic when applied on the skin be sure to dissipate by rubbing it around and not letting it pool in one place. Lugol's solution can be purchased at any compounding pharmacy in Canada without prescription, in the US, you do require a doctors prescription to obtain. Costs for a 100ml bottle are usually under $10.

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